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Air Travel

Morocco is served by major airlines from North America and Europe. Consider flying if traveling long distances within Morocco. To concentrate on the southern oasis valleys, land in Casablanca, fly directly to Ouarzazate, and rent a car. Domestic carriers may require reconfirmation to hold your seat, so remember to place this call ahead of time, or ask your hotel to do it for you. A call to the airline also suffices. The national airline, Royal Air Maroc, flies to more than 80 destinations worldwide and within Morocco. Look for special offers and last-minute promotions on the airline’s website, especially every Thursday under "Booking & Promotions" in the drop-down menu.

Airline Security Issues

Transportation Security Administration. Transportation Security Administration has answers for almost every question that might come up regarding travel safety.


Although Rabat is the capital, it is Casablanca’s Mohammed V Airport (CMN) that serves as the main entry point for nonstop flights from the United States. From here, U.S. travelers can easily connect to other destinations throughout the country on frequent domestic flights. They can also reach Morocco easily through European hubs like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Frankfurt. A number of airlines offer regularly scheduled direct flights to major destinations like Marrakesh (RAK), Agadir (AGA), Fez (FEZ), Ouarzazate (OZZ), Rabat (RBA), and Tangier (TNG). Other airports with regularly scheduled domestic or international service include Al Hoceima (AHU), Dakhla (VIL), Essaouira (ESU), Fez Ifrane (GMFI), Laayoune (EUN), Oujda (OUD), Nador (NDR), and Tetouan (TTU).

Most Moroccan airports are low-key. Casablanca's airport has a few restaurants and overpriced shops, as well as a bank and a pharmacy. Most of the other airports are very small, and you usually don't need to show up more than an hour and a half before your flight.

Airport Information

Casablanca Mohammed V Airport. Office National des Aéroports, 0522/53–90–40;

Moroccan Airport Authority. 0522/53–90–40;

Ground Transportation

Office National des Chemins de Fer, the national rail company, has a station directly under Casablanca's Mohammed V Airport. Trains come and go between 6:30 am and 11 pm and make travel to and from the airport easy and hassle-free. The ride to the city takes 30 minutes. Taxis are always available outside arrivals at the Casablanca airport; fares to the city are approximately 300 DH. Many hotels run shuttle buses into central Casablanca as well.


Office National des Chemins de Fer. 0890/20–30–40;


Royal Air Maroc and other major airlines offer daily direct or one-stop flights to Agadir, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakesh, Rabat, and Tangier from nearly all western European countries. Consult RAM’s website for their popular Thursday deals. In addition, discount airlines such as Air Arabia, EasyJet and Ryanair fly to some but not all of the major cities. Destinations and timetables are subject to sudden change, so be sure to consult a flight-comparison website prior to booking to confirm which routes are available at which time of year.

Airline Contacts

Air Arabia. Air Arabia, which was awarded "Best Low-Cost Airline" in the Middle East in 2013, operates regular budget flights to Tangier and Agadir.

Air France. 800/237–2747;

Brussels Airlines. Brussels Airlines is a new low-cost airline operating from Brussels, Belgium, with direct flights to Agadir and Marrakesh. Brussels Airlines General Aviation zone,, Building 26, Diegem, Flanders, 1831. 322/723–23–45; 322/723–23–62;

Delta. 800/221–1212; 800/241–4141;

Easy Jet. It is important to check the schedule of Easy Jet prior to travel, as it does sometimes change. (44) 330/365-5454; 330/365-5000;

Iberia. Iberia partners with Royal Air Maroc to offer numerous flights via Spain. Frequent flier programs are also linked. 800/722–4642;

KLM. KLM flies to Rabat and Casablanca. 800/618–0104; 866/434–0320;

Royal Air Maroc. (212) 0890/000-0800; 800/344–6726; 0207/307-5800;


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